20 Must Have Baby Products

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With so many baby products on the market, it can be overwhelming to know what exactly you need for your baby. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of useless baby products out there. Don’t waste your money on these products, instead, check out this guide on the absolute must-have baby products. These will be items that you will use on a regular bases and will be thankful that you have them!

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Must have baby products

20 Must Have Baby Products


Below is a list of must-have products for the nursery


Every nursery needs somewhere for your baby to sleep, right? A crib that transitions from crib to toddler bed will be the most useful and the best bang for your buck.

Some people enjoy putting a baby in a bassinet during the first few weeks. I personally think bassinets are a waste because baby outgrows them so quickly. So personally I would use a DockATot in the crib to make the crib less roomy, and more comforting for your baby.


You will not regret your DockATot purchase. They are great to use in the crib to make your baby feel more secure, help with crib to toddler bed transition, can be used in your bed for safer sleep practices (if you plan on co-sleeping), they are also great for on the go to give your babes somewhere to sleep.

I recommend buying the grand version, it will last you longer, your baby won’t outgrow it so quickly.


A dresser can serve two purposes, hold your babies clothes and can be used as a change table. A lower long dresser is perfect for this.

Changing Pad

A changing pad like this is perfect to use on top of a dresser or change table.

Noise Machine

I could not survive without my noise machine. It was a sleep saver! Noise machines are great to drown out other noises in your house to give your baby an uninterrupted sleep, meaning you don’t have to be extremely quiet when the baby is sleeping.


A baby monitor is a must-have if you would like to be able to monitor your baby while they sleep and give you some peace and reassurance that they are ok, without having to go check on them 20 times.


Breastfeeding Pillow

A lot of people will argue against this and say no, no don’t buy a breastfeeding pillow they’re a waste of money. But I absolutely loved mine and used it all the time. Not only was the pillow useful to help me with breastfeeding positions, but it was also used during tummy time, and later on to help support my son with sitting up.

Breast Pump

The Haakaa breast pump is amazing to catch from the other breast during feedings. Seriously this thing is the bomb diggity!

You will also need an electric breast pump if you need to build a breastmilk stash.

For more breastfeeding supplies check out my post on BREASTFEEDING ESSENTIALS

Everyday Items

Baby Wrap and Carrier

I love having a baby wrap to wear my baby around the house, like this Boba wrap, and then having a more heavy duty carrier to use during hikes or long walks.

Which Baby Carrier is Right for You? Compare at Ergobaby.


Having a swing is a great way to entertain baby for a short while so you can get housework done, or get a short much-needed break. I loved my Fisher-Price Swing for my son and used it every day!

Car Seat/Stroller

These two I put together because it is so beneficial to buy the car seat and stroller combo! This is the car seat and stroller combo I used and loved it, easy to use. The stroller folds up easily and the car seat attaches to the stroller quickly without hassle.

Play Mat

A play mat is great to have to help baby achieve developmental stages, like helping with grasping toys and tracking objects


Obviously, you will need diapers for your babes. I used and loved cloth diapers. They save you so much money in the long run and they are eco-friendly! Check out my post on how to cloth diaper on a budget to learn more.

Personal Care/Health

Baby Bathtub

Having a baby bathtub with a sling attachment is so helpful when trying to bathe a newborn.


A thermometer is a necessity baby product so you can monitor their temperature when your baby is feeling under the weather.

Other Useful Items

What are some other baby products do you think should be added to the list? Leave a comment below.

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