5 Sanity Saving Tips For New Parents

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Bringing home a new baby can be so, so exhausting, check out these parenting tips to save your sanity with a newborn.

These tips helped me get through the first few days without going crazy so I figured I needed to share them with other parents to help them too!

Parenting tips for new parents

Meal Pep

Once you bring home that beautiful bundle of joy, you are going to be exhausted. Thinking about what to do for dinner each night will be the last thing you or your partner will want to do.

Prepare meals and put them in the freezer so you can easily take them out and make them. No prep and little mess!

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Accept/Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for or accept help from friends and family. If they want to help clean your house for you, let them! They want to watch the baby while you nap, take them up on this offer!

If you have older children have them help more around the house. This will help them feel involved and helpful as well!

Don’t Fret the Little Stuff

The housework can wait, laundry can wait. Enjoy your time with your newborn. Choose resting over housework for at least the first few days. Learn to get into a new routine with your family.

Say No

Don’t be afraid to tell visitors no. Once you have your baby it seems like everyone and their monkey’s uncle wants to come for a visit. You do not need to appease everyone, they can wait to meet your new baby. Take time to get to know your baby and for you to heal before allowing a lot of visitors to come by.


Enjoy this time with your newborn. They don’t stay little for long. The sleepless night will end, 24/7 clinginess will fade, constant crying will pass. Hold on to these moments because they soon become distant memories.

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If you have more than one child what are things you did to help save your sanity for the first few days? Leave a comment below!

Tips for parents with newborns

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