Alternative Ways To Use Your Breast Milk

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What are other ways I can use my breast milk if I have to pump and dump?

I have come across a lot of moms asking this question; whether they had a medical procedure done and they need to pump and dump for 24 hours or whether they have breast milk that has expired.

Fear not ladies! There are other uses for your liquid gold, so you do not have to watch those precious ounces being dumped down the drain!

Other ways to use breastmilk

Other ways to use your breastmilk
uses for breastmilk

What to do With Your Breast Milk When You Have To Pump and Dump?

There are many different reasons why you think you need to dump your milk.

  • Medication from a procedure
  • Milk is spoiled
  • Left at room temp to long
  • Been in freezer for to long

Whatever the reason, do not dump it down the drain! Check out these awesome ways you can use your breast milk when you cannot feed it to your baby!

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Milk Bath

Add enough milk to your baby’s bath so the water turns cloudy.

Breast milk added to bath water will help moisturize your baby’s skin. Keeping them extra soft especially in the cold winter months.

You can even take milk baths yourself to help moisturize your skin.

Note: If the milk has gone sour, like strong smelling, do not use it in the bath. As your baby will smell like spoiled milk.

Diaper Rash

Disclaimer: DO NOT use on a yeast rash it will make it worse. I am not a doctor. Please consult with your doctor before you take any of my advice.

You can rub breast milk onto your baby’s diaper area and let air dry. This will also help soothe the area.

You can also use this daily as a preventative measure for keeping away diaper rashes.

Cradle Cap

Apply breastmilk to their head and let sit for 5 min. If you would like you can massage the breastmilk into their scalp. Brush out with a comb. Apply every day until cradle cap is gone.

Cuts and Scrapes

Disclaimer: Again, I am not a medical professional, please talk with your health care provider before using breastmilk on any open wound or sore. This worked for me but may not work for your child.

Breast milk has antibacterial properties that help keep an infection starting in your cuts. It also helps soothe and relieve the pain of minor cuts and scrapes.

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Breast Milk Jewelry

You can send away about an ounce of your breast milk and have it made into a pendant, ring or charm. Etsy is the place to go if you would like your own breast milk jewelry.

What better way to remember your breastfeeding journey than having a piece of jewelry as a memory?

Acne/ Facial Cleanser

You can use breast milk on baby acne to help clear it up or you can use it on your own acne. Just pat some milk on the affected area and let it air dry.

You can also use breast milk as a daily facial cleanser. Rub generously over your entire face and rinse off.

Breast Milk Lotion

You can create lotion to help relieve dry skin. Victoria over at My Momtastic Life has a great breastmilk lotion recipe

There you have alternative ways to use your breast milk when you are unable to use it for feedings.

Leave a comment below with other ways you have used your liquid gold!

If you are looking for more tips and advice check out my facebook group. A place where moms can come from judgment-free tips and advice. No mom shaming here. We are a growing group and would love to have you join the community!

Other ways to use your breast milk instead of pumping and dumping
Alternate ways to use breast milk

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  1. Thank for sharing these ideas! I used it for baby acne and it worked so fast. I want to try it in his bath now.

    1. Meg

      Hey Kylina, thanks for the comment! I absolutely loved the milk baths for my son, it helped clear up any dry skin issues he was having. It worked wonders in the winter months.

        1. Meg

          I would try for twice a week if I had enough pumped milk. If your little still has baby acne flare ups over even dry skin I would add at least a little milk to every bath. It will help keep up with keeping their skin soft!

  2. Sierrah

    These are great ideas! I had never heard a few of them. Breastmilk jewelry sounds so cool! I was still stuffing from adult acne while I was breastfeeding but unfortunately it didn’t help clear up my skin though. Nice post!

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