DIY Table Top Fire Pit

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Table top fire pits are awesome pieces to add to your outdoor decor. They make for beautiful centre pieces on your patio tables. Not only are they an amazing piece of decor but they also create the perfect s’more stations!

These table top fire bowls are so easy to make that you will be make one for each outdoor table.

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How to Make A Table Top Fire Pit


DIY Guide

For my table top fire bowl I bough a basic terra cotta pot, pea pebbles, and a non-toxic gel fuel.

To create a more customized or stylish look you could use fire glass instead of pea pebbles. There are many different colour of fire glass to choose from making it easier to match your outdoor decor.

Step 1

Line the bottom of your bowl with either your pea pebbles or your fire glass. You want to create enough of a base, so that when you place in your can of gel fuel it will be sitting high enough to reach the top of the bowl.

DIY table top fire pit

Step 2

Once you create your base layer of rocks, add in your gel fuel. Next fill the rest of your bowl with either pea pebbles or fire glass.

Step 3

You’re done! Now you just need to wait for dark and light your beautiful table top fire bowl!

This is such an easy project to make! you can use nicer looking bowls and fire glass to up the style of your fire pits. I just wanted a simple looking table top fire pit for my backyard patio. So i went with plain pea pebbles and a plain terra cotta pot.

Table Top fire pit

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