Activities to Entertain Your Toddler In The Car

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Travelling for long periods of time in the car with a toddler can be troublesome for parents. Some toddlers just hate car rides and scream the whole entire time, or get bored and restless easily. For the lucky few parents, their toddlers actually sleep during the car ride.

These are some great activities your toddler can do in the car to keep them occupied and happy for the duration of the road trip.

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Keep Your Toddler Occupied In The Car With These Activities

Water Wow Books by Melissa and Doug

Seriously these Water Wow Books are so cool! All you have to do is fill the little brush pen with water and the kids can colour in the books! The water activates the colour on the boards to make a picture. And once the page dries they can do it all over again!

My son loves these books! He asks for one every time we are in the car. And they are essentially mess-free which is an added bonus! 

Auto Bingo Cards

Auto Bingo is a great game to play! Especially if your child enjoys looking for objects out the windows.

Everyone in the car gets a bingo board (except the driver of course!). There are little pictures on the board of things you need to spot, common objects found on road trips, once you spot an object you slide a little window closed over the board.

You can play however you like, for one line, a full card, the choice is yours!

I remember playing auto bingo as a child, it was so fun and kept me occupied for hours in the car.

I spy

Another great game to play in the car is I spy with my little eye! The best thing about this game is there is no setup, nothing you need for it other than your own two eyes!

White Board

Bring a whiteboard and dry erase markers. You toddler can draw as many pictures as they like without wasting any paper!


If your child enjoys playing games on their tablet, then bring it along for the car ride. You can give it to them when you need a break from playing I spy and Auto Bingo!


If your toddler doesn’t get car sick easily, you can bring along their favourite books for them to read, or you can read to them.


Singing nursery rhymes is always entertaining. You can sing them yourself or bring along a CD with nurses rhymes on it to sing along to.

Get A new Toy

Buy a new toy for them to play within the car. New things always keep my toddler occupied for longer than a toy he’s already had a chance to play with.

Hopefully all or at least one of these activities keeps your toddler entertained long enough in the car to keep you sane!

If you have other activities for car rides let me know in a comment below!

Activities for kids to do during car rides.

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