Guide to Having a Home Birth

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So, you’ve decided on a home birth! These essential items and advice can help make sure you are prepared for your home birth.

If you haven’t quite decided if home birth is for you thats ok! The beginning of this guide goes over some of the benefits to having a home birth.

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Guide to Having a Home Birth

You Are in the Comfort of Your Own Home

This was a major deciding factor for me. I loved the idea that I could be at home where I am most comfortable. The idea of being in a hospital with a bunch of lights and people all over was not my idea of a relaxing birth.

Word on the street is, the more comfortable you are during labor the better labor goes. I mean that shit is still painful but it is much more relaxing being somewhere you feel 100% comfortable.

Home Birth Is Not as Messy as You Think

If you have a water home birth, then there is really no mess because you will be in a birthing pool.

Even if you decide not to have a water birth it is still not as messy as you think. You can use disposable under pads to place underneath of you where ever you decide to birth, like on the bed, or the floor, or your couch if you so choose.

Home Births Are Not Dangerous

Your midwife will evaluate you throughout your pregnancy. If you have a complicated or high risk pregnancy then chances are  you would not qualify for a home birth.

Of course there is always a chance things do not go according to plan, but your midwife is very well qualified to assess the situation and decide to transfer you to a hospital before anything becomes serious.

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Essential Items To Have for A Home Birth


Laboring is not a quick process. It could be hours from the time contractions first start until you give birth to your baby.

So you are going to need plenty of food and drinks available for everyone attending your home birth, including your midwives.

Having easy freezer meals prepared or take-out are the best options, because no one is going to want to cook a meal during your home birth.

Old/Dark Towels

A LOT of towels will be used. And they will get very dirty, so either get a bunch of cheep towels you can throw out, or use dark colours so they do not become stained.

** HOME BIRTH TIP ** If blood does get on something that you didn’t want ruined, peroxide takes out blood stains.

Storage for the Placenta

I was responsible for disposing of my own placenta, so I had to store it in a large ziplock bag until it was garbage day. If you are deciding to keep your placenta for other uses you will also need something to store it in.

Area for Supplies

A low dresser or a table would be essential, so your midwife can lay out all their supplies they will use during labor.

Activities to keep busy

Labor can be a long process. I was in labor for 23 hours before I went into active labor. So coming up with some peaceful activities to keep you busy and to help take your mind off your contractions would be a good idea.

some ideas include:

  • board games/card games
  • movies
  • adult colouring books
  • video games

Other items that are useful during a home birth:

  • Mirror (if you would like to see your babies head crowning)
  • Garbage bags
  • Birthing Ball
  • Water Birth Pool
  • Favourite music play list
  • Extra blankets and pillows for guest
Birthing Ball

extra tip:

How to set up your bed for a home birth:

Have a clean pair of sheets on your bed. On top of your clean sheets lay a table cloth or large drop cloth. Then on top of the drop cloth make the bed with an old pair of sheets.

After you deliver your baby you can take off the dirty sheets and the drop cloth, an you will have clean sheets underneath. This way you will not have to make a clean bed after you give birth. It will be all ready to go!

Leave a comment below with what you are most excited about having a home birth!

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