How to Survive Morning Sickness

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Morning sickness?! You mean All. Freaking. Day. Sickness. Am I right?! Morning sickness has to be the biggest pain in the ass during pregnancy. You never know when you’re going to feel ok or like a bag of crap. Whether you’re going to start throwing up at any moment or you’re actually able to keep that burger down.

Morning sickness sucks there is no doubt about it, and for a lot of us it doesn’t matter what we do nothing seems to help it. Hopefully one of these morning sickness remedies will help you alleviate your nauseousness.

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How to survive morning sickness during pregnancy

How to Survive Morning Sickness

What is Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can start as early as 6 weeks and can last the entire pregnancy, but luckily for most woman, morning sickness generally goes away at the end of the first trimester, so around the 12th week.

There is no cut and dry causes of morning sickness but you can mostly blame it on those damn pregnancy hormones. They are pretty much the cause of all our whoas during pregnancy. Your super ninja sense of smell can also be related to morning sickness, so try and cut out smells that make you feel worse. An interesting tidbit of information I learned is that some studies show that woman born without the sense of smell never experience morning sickness during there pregnancy (pretty shitty that you cannot smell anything but pretty cool if it actually stops you from experience morning sickness).

Luckily morning sickness is not harmful to you or your baby UNLESS you are experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum, which is excessive vomiting and you are unable to keep any food or water down, making you become dehydrated. But we will save hyperemesis gravidarum for another post.

Over 50% of woman experience morning sickness. Some may throw up and some may feel nauseous with no vomiting. Whatever case you have hopefully these morning sickness relief remedies will ease your troubles!

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Tips and Tricks to Help Morning Sickness

Eat small meals often

snacking throughout the day and always trying to keep something in your stomach can help you feel less nauseous. They say that having an empty stomach is a major cause of feeling like shit.

Keep Hydrated

Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep from becoming dehydrated


If your feeling like crap, lay down, take a nap, just get some rest. Everything else can wait, and don’t let people tell you otherwise. Until they experience morning sickness they can shut it.

Eat Whatever You Want

I know everyone says eat healthy for the baby blah blah blah. Well, when your sick sometimes healthy foods do not sound appetizing. So don’t be afraid to eat whatever you’re craving at the moment. Food in your belly is better than no food in your belly.

Snack Before Bed

A lot of the time nausea is caused by an empty stomach. So try to eat a light snack, before bed, that is full of protein so you are not waking up with an empty stomach.

Drink Smoothies

Make yourself smoothies if other food does not sound appetizing. I found when I wasn’t feeling good that cold food was easier to eat and keep down. So I would make smoothies, especially in the mornings when I didn’t feel like eating anything else (I’m not a get-up and eat try of person, more of a getup and drink 6 cups of coffee then have food type of person).

Prenatal Vitamin

Take your prenatal vitamin at night. A lot of times the prenatal vitamin makes us feel worse so taking it at night can help with that.

Food That Helps Morning Sickness


Ginger tea is great to drink and keep down the feeling of nausea. Same with ginger ale.


I used to drink a lot of lemon water throughout the day. This seemed to help me with my morning sickness.


Some woman says watermelon is like the superhero of food for morning sickness. I just always ate it because when I’m sick I REALLY like cold foods. The thought of a dry cracker going into my mouth — bleh. Anyways the water in watermelon keeps you hydrated (which is good for morning sickness and the sugar in watermelon also helps fight nausea)

Sour Candy

I’m not sure why this works, but it worked for me. I carried a pack of sour patch kids around with me everywhere I went. I guess if lemons work for sickness and they are sour, this could make sense. Whatever I ate them and this was a good excuse to use when I ate a bag of sour patch kids a day.

Ice Chips

Crunching on ice chips can help you feel less nauseous.

Gatorade Ice Cubes

Freeze Gatorade in ice cube trays so you can suck on them. It is also a great way to put electrolytes back into your body if you have been throwing up a bunch.

Carbonated Drinks

The fizziness in carbonated drinks can help make you feel less sick to your stomach. If you do not want to be drinking a lot of pop, try drinking carbonated water instead.

Morning sickness sucks that’s for sure, but don’t make it worse by trying to eat healthily and trying to do more work than you can. Listen to your body rest when you need to and eat when and what you feel like. Don’t let other people try and tell you otherwise. Worry about eating healthier when you aren’t throwing up every 20 minutes.

What worked for you to help your morning sickness? Leave a comment below!

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Morning Sickness Remedies

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    Frozen organic Annie’s gluten free rice Mac n cheese or ice cold fruit…. I couldn’t eat anything else the worst 3 or 4 weeks…

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