Postpartum Care: Everything Needed For Recovery

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Your sore, miserable and can’t wait to have your baby when your pregnant and you think once you give birth you’ll feel great, no more pregnancy problems, and your sweet, sweet baby is here. Which is true, your baby is here and that’s amazing! But now you’re left with a sore vagina (C-Section Incision), you’re still not sleeping, and you now have a huge fear of pooping!

All though I can’t fix your fear of pooping, I can help you make it easier and make your postpartum recovery better. This guide will give you all the items you need for postpartum care.

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postpartum care guide

Postpartum Care Kit

Postpartum Care Must-Haves

1. Disposable Underwear – I loved using these mesh underwear. There were perfect for holding those big postpartum pads in place and you could just throw everything away. No need to worry about washing blood stains out of your underwear. For the first 3-4 days it will be like a blood massacre occurred when you use the bathroom, so you’ll thank me later for using these!

If your more about an all in one system you could use Depends as well! A lot of women enjoy this    method because it’s more convenient! And who doesn’t love convince right after giving birth, am I right?

2. Pads – You’re going to need to biggest pads you can find, especially for the first 3-4 days. Poise incontinence pads are great to use.

3. Tucks Pads– Soothing and healing pads. These are put on top of your other pads to help soothe your lady bits.

4. Peri Bottle – This bottle will be your best friend during your postpartum recovery. You fill this bottle with warm water and use it to squirt your lady bits when you use the bathroom. Because peeing after birth without this handy little peri bottle is bloody painful (pun intended)! The water helps dilute your urine so it doesn’t burn as bad when you pee. Just make sure you use warm water because cold water down there is a little shocking.

5. Sitz bath– to help with healing and swelling

6. Stool Softener – Because pooping after birth is scary shit, and the softer your poop the less painful it will be.

7. Belly Bandit – Helps support back and core muscles, provides comfort after C-Section, accelerates healing, plus so much more. Check out their website to see all the amazing benefits of using a belly bandit

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Other Beneficial Things for Postpartum Care

8. Nursing Dress – A nursing dress is comfortable to wear and allows easy access for breastfeeding.

9. Nursing Tanks – If you are not a dress person then nursing tanks are for you!

If you are planning to breastfeed then check out my guide on breastfeeding.

10.Water Bottle – Keep a big water bottle within arms reach because both postpartum recovery and breastfeeding make you extremely thirsty! Plus staying hydrated helps keep your breastmilk supply up.

11. Meal Prep – Have meals prepped and stashed in the freezer before you go into labor will help so much during the first few weeks postpartum. You are not going to feel up to cooking and with already prepped meals you won’t have much to do.

What else would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

If you are looking for more tips and advice check out my facebook group. A place where moms can come from judgment-free tips and advice. No mom shaming here. We are a growing group and would love to have you join the community!

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