Prenatal Workouts

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Keeping active and exercising during pregnancy is so important. By staying active it can help ease discomforts during pregnancy, keep your body fit, and it can help prepare your body for labor among many other benefits.

Each woman and her pregnancy is different, you should ALWAYS speak to your doctor before beginning any prenatal workouts to make sure they are safe for your pregnancy.

Stay fit during pregnancy with these prenatal exercises that target different areas of your body.

Pregnancy Exercises

Below is a list of different workouts you can do for different body parts.

I know it is hard to find time each day to exercise, so I have included short 10-minute total body workouts in this list as well.


This lovely workout targets both your shoulders and your quads! Love being able to work out two parts at once!
Via Physical Kitchness


Target your inner thighs with three simple moves.
Full workout via Physical Kitchness


Check out these two simple moves to help with side butt and muffin tops.
Tutorial Via Michelle Marie Fit


Safe and effective core workout to help prevent the mommy pooch
Found via Struggles of A Fit Mom

Full Body

Who doesn’t love a quick workout? This is a quick 10-minute total body workout. Bodyweight strength training with low impact cardio. Also, no equipment needed which is GREAT!
Check out this work out via Nourish Move Love

If you’re interested in a longer total body workout than here is another great workout for you. These exercises make use of dumbbells.
Via Mum Berry


Dealing with back pain or hip pain?
These yoga poses and stretches are great to help ease pregnancy pains.
Check them out via Fun Thrifty Mom

Stay fit during pregnancy with these awesome prenatal workouts.

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