Signs That Labor Will Start Soon

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The countdown is on! You are in the final weeks of your pregnancy and you cannot wait to meet that baby of yours. 

Every day you’re hoping that it’ll be the day that you go into labor. Hoping every little pain or cramp is a sign that labor is soon approaching. And you’re probably even trying some old wives tales to induce labor naturally! 

No worries mama we all do it! 

To help ease your mind, listed below are some signs that labor is soon approaching. 

How To Tell If Labor Will Be Starting Soon

Bloody Show 

While you are pregnant your cervix stays closed and is plugged with something called a mucus plug. This plug helps keep your baby safe and free of infections. 

As your cervix begins to dilate (open up) you begin to lose parts of your plug. When this happens you will notice discharge that looks, well, to be honest, it looks like snot.

It can come out in one big gob or a runny smear. It can be pink-tinged with fresh blood or brown from old dried up blood. 

When you lose your plug labor can happen as quickly as a few hours or it still can be a few weeks away. 

Some woman can lose their mucus plug early on in pregnancy. But that doesn’t always mean labor is going to start right away because your mucus plug can grow back. 

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A burst of energy a few days before labor starts. You will want to clean and organize everything in your sights. 


“Lightening” is when the baby drops, descending into your pelvis. You will feel a lot more pressure in your pelvis and you will probably have to pee more often. 

Lightening can happen 2-4 weeks before labor begins. For the woman who has previously had a baby, they might not experience lightening until they are actually in labor. 


Although unpleasant, this can be a sign that labor is a few days away from starting. Your muscles in your body and uterus are relaxing, this can cause the intestines to relax as well, and that is what can cause diarrhea. 

This is also your body’s way of cleaning itself out to help with your uterus contracting.

Cramps & Back Pain 

Your muscles and joints are shifting and stretching to prepare for labor and this can cause backaches and cramping. 

This was my very first sign that I was in labor. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible back pain and cramps. At the time I did not think anything of it and went back to sleep. Once I woke in the morning I lost my mucus plug, and almost immediately after that, I started having mild contractions. 

Effacement and Dilation 

Your cervix begins to thin out a dilate in preparation for labor. If you are getting cervical checks during your prenatal appointments, your OB will tell you if you’re starting to dilate or not.

When To Call Your Health-Care Professional 

  • If your membranes rupture (water breaks)
  • Contractions that get stronger and become more regular
  • If you start bleeding more than a bloody show
  • Fever
  • Decrease in fetal movements 

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If this is your second pregnancy leave a comment below about your signs leading up to labor the first time.

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