When To Potty Train: Learning the Basics

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A common question for parents all around is what is the best potty training age? But there is no definitive age that you should start potty training. Instead the better question would be when to begin to potty train. Because  the answer to that is, when your child is showing the signs of potty training readiness.

This potty training guide will help you learn when to potty train and what potty training accessories you need to start.

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Best Products for potty training


Learn when to Potty Train: The Basics


When to Potty Train

To make this process for 100 times easier make sure your child is ready to begin potty training. There is no sense getting stressed and discouraging your child when they are not ready.

Signs That Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train

  • They tell you they have a wet or dirty diaper
  • They wake up dry from naps
  • They seem interested in the potty when watching you use it
  • They tell you when they are about to go in their diaper
  • Trying to remove a wet or dirty diaper
  • Has regular bowel movements at predictable times
  • Demonstrates independence

If your child shows readiness by demonstrating some of these signs, then it is probably a good idea to begin potty training. If they are not, then it might be best to wait a few more months and revaluate again.

Potty Training Supplies and Accessories

Potty Chair

Having a potty chair like this one is great for helping your child become independent on the potty. it’s easy for them to get on and off by themselves without having to use a stool. I find this is also a lot less scary to use in the beginning because they are not so high off the ground or over an open bowl of water.

Potty Seat

I decided to train on a potty seat and a potty chair. I heard some stories of children only using a potty chair and it became a struggle to get them to use the big potty. And I like the idea of using this seat for bowel movements. Because let’s be real who wants to clean toddler poop out of the little potty chairs?!

Travel Potty Seat

This travel potty seat is perfect because it folds up and fits in your diaper bag so you can always have a potty seat to use on the go.

*POTTY TIP* if you are going on a long car ride or out to a park. Bring the potty chair and they can just go in that in the back of the car. This is soooo much easier than having to stop and find a bathroom.

Potty Books

Potty books are great to read before and during potty training to help your child gain an understanding of potty training before they actually start.

Pull Ups

Once I began potty training I completely ditched the diapers. There was no reason to keep using diapers, I thought that would make it more confusing for Hudson to learn. So Instead I used pull-ups and naps and at night. This helps so there is no mess if they have an accident and because they easily pull up and down it makes night time bathroom trips extra easy.


Since we ditched the diapers it was time for some big boy underwear. They make so many cute underwear out there now. So your child should have no problem picking out a few pairs that they love and will want to wear!


When you begin to potty train make sure you have a few days set aside where you have nothing else going on. Try and stay at home during this time so you don’t have to worry about accidents in the car or when you are out running around.


For when you are stressed out at the end of the night from a full day of potty training! Help yourself calm down with a nice glass of your favourite wine.

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Learn how to potty train

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